Jelly bean vs symbian belle

So you can't hammer away, iPhone-style, and trust the software to kick in - instead you have to keep a close eye on what you're typing and, when a word goes wrong, you have to tap the appropriate correction from the suggestions listed above the virtual keys. In practice, this slows down input to more or less what it was without multitouch - maybe slower.

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Such an omission can be argued to be a deliberate design decision "People hate having their words corrected to something they didn't mean" , but in my view the vast majority of users will want and expect auto-correction, just as on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Of note is that the most commonly used punctuation symbols are now not only on the underlying symbol keyboard, they're also mounted as a quick-tap panel of eight that pops up when you long press comma , or period.

The system works well and is fully-optimised for touch. The system's unashamedly text-based though and any observer would have to give iOS's rich clipboard system the edge in this regard. Still, it's ample for what most of us need and very slickly done.

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  8. I can be accused here of being a little old-fashioned, but I rarely 'browse' web pages on my smartphone. However, web browsing is important to some and Symbian's Web is often accused of not being competitive enough. The 1.

    News, reviews, information and apps for Nokia and Symbian.

    In a quick and dirty benchmark, I tested loading times for my own site, stevelitchfield. This was with the default Android browser - apparently Chrome's even faster. The Galaxy certainly isn't the fastest of the current smartphones, but is up in the top bracket and makes for a good litmus test for whether Web in Belle FP2 on the can pass muster.

    The results won't surprise anyone who's tried loading pages in Symbian Web in the last few years. Add this to the relatively low nHD screen resolution and it has to be said that you have to be something of a masochist to do a lot of web browsing on Symbian, even at Belle FP2. Com scores with 9 bonus points it was with 9 bonus points in Belle FP1. The user agent is Webkit One new extra for Belle FP2 is being able to directly save a Web bookmark to an 'application'.

    Android Jelly Bean HD v2 Theme for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones – Signed Theme Download

    This is more or less instant and the favicon for that page is then shown as a bona fide application in the main menu in similar manner to how the iPhone manages putting Safari bookmarks into its app menus. Quite cool and I suspect many of us will get some use from this convenience feature. In theory, social integration into Symbian these days is excellent. Belle FP2 comes, as detailed above, with another new version of Nokia Social, with extra optimisations and wizards to sync contact thumbnails from social networks to matching contacts in your main address book on the phone.

    There's a traditional tabbed Twitter view, full support for uploading media, homescreen widgets, plus a rather comprehensive Facebook client with all the features a casual user might need. And it's all in the phone, for free - what's not to love? In practice, Nokia Social is just too slow. The first versions were all written in Web Runtime code, i. Nokia gets credit for decent integration into Contacts and for the general look and feel, but once you get beyond the basics, there's an awful feeling of lag - scrolling is jerky, taps are sometimes missed, images in Facebook newsfeeds and in friend photo albums take forever to appear.

    You get the idea.

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    8. Nokia Social isn't bad as such - if it ran at three times the speed, noone would need a third party client on Symbian ever again. But the current implementation just pales besides what's available in the likes of Gravity, Tweetian, Twimgo, fMobi, Facial, facinate and others. Diving into a photo album in a friend's profile is a frustrating experience - the gallery of blank thumbnails left persisted for a good 30 seconds before anything happened; right, the standard Facebook newsfeed view.

      Belle Feature Pack 2 review - All About Symbian

      Talking of 'pale', another longstanding gripe of mine about Nokia Social is that it steadfastly continues to adopt a white theme for the entire interface - on the AMOLED-screened Nokia and , this is a huge power-hungry no-no. Every other social client on Symbian seems to be able to put a 'dark theme' in its settings, so why not Nokia Social. Already released for older devices and so not actually new, but it's good to see Nokia Car mode make it into device firmware. Offering j ust the core three functions shown so sorry if you like replying to email one handed while on the road!

      The music module defaults to 'shuffle' mode, but you can change this as needed As you can see from the screenshots, all functions are implemented with over-size buttons, making them easier to hit without taking your eyes off the road for too long. Rudy Pineda. May 2, at 3: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You Might Also Like. Categories Accessories. Android Smartphones. Android Tablets. App Reviews. Custom ROMs. Flashing Guides.

      Game Reviews. HD Games. How To. News Update. This was the case until Nokia and Microsoft joined hands to work together. The latest Windows release by Microsoft is known as Windows 7 which has gained immense popularity among all kind of users. With its colorful and user-friendly interface, it has given Windows OS a new life and is currently in demand all over the world.

      iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 vs BB10

      Another reason behind its success is that this latest OS is used in very powerful devices made by Nokia. The computer like look has totally vanished from the windows phones with the release of Windows 7. Samsung and HTC also released some Windows-based phones, but they could not many places in the market. Nokia Lumia series is completely windows based. It is designed for mid-range and high-end smartphones. Bada is a quiet user-friendly and efficient operating system, much like Android, but unfortunately Samsung did not use Bada on a large scale for unknown reasons.

      The latest version Bada 2. There are only three phones that are operating on Bada.

      Best Apps for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones

      I believe that Bada would have achieved much greater success if Samsung had promoted it properly. Some Years later it was upgraded and was able to support smartphones. Unfortunately, it could not make a mark on the market and currently is not being used in any of the latest top devices. It has been 5 and half years since we saw the latest update of Palm OS in WebOS was launched in and was used in a number of smartphones and tablets. Hp promoted WebOS at a very high level by using it in high-end smartphones and tablets. At last Hp announced to discontinue WebOS-based devices, but the existing users were assured that they will get regular updates of the operating system.

      Nokia and Maemo Community joined hands to produce an operating system for smartphones and internet tablets, known as Maemo. Like other devices, the user interface of Maemo also comprised of a menu from which the user can go to any location. MeeGo was called a mobile platform, but it was designed to run multiple electronic devices including handhelds, in-car devices, television sets, and net books. All the devices on which MeeGo can have the same core but the user interface is entirely different according to the device.

      Most of you will have heard the name Nokia N9, but you will not be aware of the fact that this large selling device is operating on MeeGo. Firefox, which once dominated the internet browser market, is in the process of building their web OS for mobiles, so in the future mobile OS market might get even more competitive.